July 26, 2016

I made a phone call to Rodney after hours a few weeks ago after I received a troubling phone call from my little brother. My brother had called me in an absolute panic explaining that he had major water seeping into all areas of his basement. He had no idea why or where this water was coming from. Upon asking for some more information from him, it turns out that this water has been seeping for over a week and thinking it was originally his hot water tank- he had this replaced. After realizing that in fact it was not the tank and water continued to pour in I sensed his frustration and sheer panic that his basement would be ruined. Quickly I made a phone call to Rodney around 7pm, who was fast to offer his support and knowledge. He reassured me that he would leave his home right away and go to assist my panicked little brother. Rodney had the opportunity to meet with both my father and step mom, who sang nothing but praise about Rodney­explaining that he got there in a matter of minutes and not only solved the problem, but stayed until late into the evening working on fixing the leak and assuring that there would no longer be any further water escape. Rodney went above and beyond that evening not only showing up after hours to assist in an emergency, but also not even blinking an eye with an offer to help. My family was incredibly happy to know that we had an individual there who was amazing at his profession, offering professionalism, knowledge and stand out customer service. Thank you once again Rodney for all your help – we look forward to working again with you in the future!

Candice W.

July 19, 2016

My name is Ernie Hopkins; I am the Special Projects Manager for St. Albert Honda and RV City.
My area of responsibility is all encompassing from computer and network maintenance to building and systems maintenance.
With 5 large facilities between Morinville and St. Albert it can be a big job.
One of the key areas, of my role, that makes it easier to manage is having trusted support personnel and contractors that I can reach out to as assistance is needed. It is imperative that I can rely upon these partners to do an excellent job on a timely basis.
RC Mechanical originally came to RV City in Morinville to investigate a boiler problem we were having. Rodney’s team quickly diagnosed the issues and got us back operating with confidence.
Since our initial meeting, I have contacted Rodney to do an assessment of our systems to ensure all our equipment was running optimally and safely.
During the assessment, Rodney and his guys noticed we had a number of items that needed immediate attention.
We are thankful RC Mechanical caught the issues and were able to effect repairs on a timely basis.
We have since entered into an annual maintenance contract with RC Mechanical. We look forward to a long-term business relationship.

Thank you Rodney Codner and the team of RC Mechanical.

Ernie H.


May 18, 2016

As a busy mom anything non-emergency doesn’t take priority but Rodney ensured his technicians could work with my schedule and were able to come the same day to fix a leaky external faucet. RC mechanical techs were efficient and friendly. They explained what they were doing, gave me an idea of cost and timeframe prior to starting the job, kept me informed throughout the process and even cracked a few appropriate gardening jokes. There work was solid. They were able to give me suggestions on how to avoid the problem from reoccurring specific to my set up and left the work area in perfect condition.
I would definitely recommend RC mechanical for a domestic plumbing fix.

Jill P.

April 28, 2016

I got to know RC Mechanical Services/Rodney through a BNI associate. I had them come in to diagnose a garburator that stopped working underneath the kitchen sink. Rodney showed up 5 minutes earlier with his crews, George and Mathew. They were polite and friendly and got to work on the job right away. They each actually had a pair of foot protectors on while they were walking around on my rental property; it showed me the care and details they put into service. I also checked with George up front on how long they thought the job would take and they were accurate in their estimate. They completed their job with a clean site left behind. Overall, I am very satisfied with their work and would have no problem to recommend them to anyone who need plumbing services.

Tom Z.

March 28, 2016

Dear Rodney,

On Easter Sunday my family and I woke up with a bit of a surprise …… it was cold in the house.
Fortunately the weather wasn’t THAT BAD, but when you have two young children, the thermostat showing 17 degrees IN THE HOUSE, you know there’s a problem.
So we grabbed the space heaters, collected another one from family, started a fire in the fire place and everyone was alright. On Easter Sunday with a better than average temperature we didn’t suffer by any measurement.
On Monday, Easter Monday, who do you call to come find out what’s wrong with your furnace? Rodney of RC Mechanical, that’s who. At about 8:40 in the morning I called Rodney and explained what had happened, what wasn’t happening and Rodney said he’d be at my house in an hour ….. and he was. Then he had a look at the furnace, did some tests, came up with a plan, found the parts needed and installed them before 11am and all at a reasonable price. My four year old son actually asked to say THANK YOU as well. He said I should tell you:
Thank you for fixing our house. It is really nice to have the furnace work so my little sister, mommy, daddy and me could be warm. Thank you very much for fixing it.
I want to tell everyone that they should ask Rodney and RC Mechanical Services for help. He’s a great guy who truly wants to help.

David, Shelly, Evan and Ella

October 27, 2015

I contacted RC Mechanical Services after hearing many great things about their work. It was time to get our bathtub with Jacuzzi jets fixed. As they had not worked in some time, I was concerned about what the issue might be but Rod from RC Mechanical spoke with me and put my mind at ease, advising me at each step of the discovery. The men in my home were professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. Even though the pump had seized, and was a special order (old) piece of equipment, Rod and his crew were able to have the pump repaired and reinstalled on the same day. I would recommend RC Mechanical to anyone in need of mechanical services.

Derrick M.